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about discover highlands
about discover highlands

Hello and Welcome to Discover Highlands, where the focus is to share with you, our places, our culture and our talented people.

My name is Elizabeth Mackay, my home is in Inverness, The Capital of the Highlands. I am a descendant of the Clan Mackay. It was around eight years ago I decided to change career and train as a Tour Guide, which led to a passion and desire to share with you the very best of what the Scottish Highlands has to offer and to the creation of Discover Highlands.

Previously, I worked as a Sales and Marketing Consultant, a career which led to long working days taking me all over the Highlands.  It was during this time that I really got to know and truly appreciate how stunning the Highlands of Scotland are, both to live and to visit. In fact, it’s not just the scenery that is beautiful but the wonderful people I met along the way who were both fascinating and generous.  Thankfully, in those days, company cars did not have trackers and I stole many an hour seeking out what lay at the end of a glen or behind a majestic mountain, a reason I enjoyed my job and a reason I never wanted those long working days to end.

Discover Highlands will offer something for everyone who loves The Highlands of Scotland. If you want a private tour experience, we have local guides armed with expert knowledge who are eager to show you through their own eyes why the Highlands of Scotland has a fascinating culture, ancient mountains, sparkling lochs, bloody Jacobite history and probably the cleanest air in the world. If you want to go your own way – we can help with that too.

Throughout our journey, we will share with you interesting ideas for days out, our unique highland humour, where Highland Hospitality is served best in our artisan cafes and restaurants. Share stories from the hearts of our people, review the best of literature, song and craft, all totally and genuinely Made in the Highlands. There will be endless opportunities for you to get involved in our monthly competitions, showcase your own photographs, and if you have your own story to share – please do.

With Discover Highlands you’ll always have a friend – all you have to do is come and say hello.

about discover highlands
about discover highlands
about discover highlands

Discover Highlands guarantees you will go home with a big Scottish smile on your face.

Book early with us to find out why – you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Ally Deans Photography for the use of his photos through the website.

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