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Attadale Gardens

This tour offers dramatic scenery in every direction, a rugged compelling landscape virtually untouched by man. Look out of red deer and birds of prey and lose yourself in the stunning…

Loch Ness

You cannot visit Scotland without visiting Loch Ness, capture the spectacular scenery of the Great Glen, snap a picture of Nessie, sample Haggis and relax with a glass…of Glen Ord whisky


Your adventure begins from Inverness, driving through the Black Isle into the Heart of Easter Ross. We then drive over ‘The Struie’ to pause at the amazing Millionaires View…

Logie Steading

Let your guide take the wheel as we head for Culloden Battlefield, the scene of the last battle fought on British soil. After Culloden a short drive takes you to Clava Cairns, then travel…

Create Your Own

There is nothing better than ticking off all of those dream places to visit. The Highlands of Scotland has plenty of choices, so if you don’t want to follow the crowd why not find your own path…

inverewe gardens tour

Inverewe Gardens

Driving from Inverness we leave Easter Ross to a rugged landscape virtually untouched by man. Dramatic views are in every direction and we will stop every so often so you can capture this…

Discover Highlands Tours is a local tour company based in Inverness. We operate with local guides, knowledgeable and energised to show you around the stunning Highlands of Scotland. Our aim, as a company is to help you explore and understand our culture, meet the people from around The Highlands, and introduce you to the amazing craftsmanship made on our doorstep. We want future generations to walk after us and enjoy Scotland we have today.

Discover Highlands Tours aims to cause no unnecessary harm, commit to the safety of our visitors, care for our environment and operate our business to benefit the communities where we work. We have a passion and support local charities where we will pledge a percentage of our tour revenue to Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels, The Scottish Wildcat Action and Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams.

Why? Because here at Discover Highlands we care.

discover highlands tours

Our Reviews

“Highland Prime Tours are an invaluable font of knowledge delivered with great humor and excitement, linking the past and present in a format that’s as far from a monotone monologue as you can imagine. My family joined an Inverness/Loch Ness tour from the cruise harbor in Invergordon, and were treated to eight hours of rollicking fun through Scotland with stops at the Loch, Culloden Moor, and Cawdor and Urquhart Castles, among many other sights. Guide Elizabeth MacKay is tied to the heritage, being a descendant of Clan MacKay, which adds another dimension to the tour. I wholeheartedly recommend her services if you seek the best in Highland tour experiences.”


Jump start Your Immune System With Nettles.

Nettles - now that summer has arrived many of us are thinking of detoxing our bodies and getting out to enjoy warmer days. Today there is a growing interest in the benefits our natural wildflowers can freely offer us. Sometimes we class many of our plants as weeds, but a lot are actually good for you.
Scottish myths and legends

Bouncing into Spring with Scottish Myths and Legends

The Highlands are full of stories telling of Scottish Myths, Legends and Folklore, and many a story was told during the long dark nights of winter when the family huddled around a peat fire. Every new month would bring an interpretation and belief of the forthcoming weather cycles.

Stovies – A hearty warming meal.

Stovies - We know potatoes originated in Peru but the humble potato became an important part of the Scottish diet. This month Discover Highlands introduces you to Stovies, a fantastic dish which is both warming and flavoursome and a terrific dish to warm up the whole family on a chilly day.
Language of the Highland Gael

Gaelic – Language of the Highland Gael

Gaelic the language of the Highland Gael came to Scotland along with the Irish settlers who settled in the Kingdom of Dal Riada in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. As the Gaels spread so did their language and it became considered the language of Scotland.

Charities We Support

Saving Scotland’s
Red Squirrels

This cutie is under threat. Today only 120,000 Red Squirrels remain in Scotland. Together we can help to ensure they will always be a part of Scotland’s native wildlife.

Wildcat Action

The Scottish Wildcat, with only 400 left in the wild it is estimated extinction of this rare and elusive mammal is only 5 years away – we’re their last chance.

Mountain Rescue

Scottish Mountain Rescue represents 24 volunteers Mountain Rescue Teams (inc. Scottish Cave Rescue) with over 800 volunteers, plus an additional 3 Police teams and 1 RAF team.